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Little Hearts - Knit in Cascade Kid Seta

Little Hearts – Knit in Cascade Kid Seta

At least a few times a week I look through Ravelry patterns that are on the “hot right now” or on the “recently added” lists.  Sometimes I see something I love and sometimes I admire the work of designers I follow.  Since I write the monthly email newsletter for my local yarn shop, Abuelita’s, I also look for designs to highlight.

Recently, I noticed the Circle of Love Lace Cowl by Evelyn A. Clark.  The pattern is now highlighted in the February newsletter and I had to knit it.  I chose Cascade Kid Seta (not discontinued as per Ravelry) in Blackberry.  The yarn is similar to KidSilk Haze used in the original pattern.  Previously I knit a scarf out of KidSilk Haze and two different shawls (Dare to Dream and Dancing Crane Stole) out of Silken Kydd.  Of the three types of silk/mohair yarns I have knit with I like the Cascade Kid Seta the best and will use it again.

Since Valentines day is around the corner, I thought I “should” use red or pink yarn, but I fell in love with the Blackberry Kid Seta.  It is a rich purple and I have outfits in my closet that would work nicely with the color.  The finished project is really beautiful and surprising easy to knit (if you know a how to increase and decrease).  Mohair is not an easy yarn to knit with, so if this is a concern, this cowl would be equally beautiful in a different yarn.

The only modification I made to the pattern was to cast on 144 stitches vs. the pattern’s 108.  Mohair is a bit warm and I didn’t want the cowl too close around my neck.  During blocking, the cowl stretched quite a bit so I don’t know if the extra stitches were necessary.  When I knit it again (and I purchased ITO Sensai to do this), I will probably cast on a few less stitches.

If you are in Pasadena, the cowl is on display at Abuelita’s for the next couple of weeks then I will enjoy wearing it for the rest of the winter.

Circle of Love Lace Cowl by Evelyn A. Clark

Circle of Love Lace Cowl (on a miniature manikin) by Evelyn A. Clark

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