Crocheting must be like riding a bike…

I remembered how to crochet!!

Whoooo was worried about crocheting.....

Whoooo was worried about crocheting…..

While I learned to knit and crochet as a I child, I starting knitting regularly about 10 years ago.  As a child/teenager I crocheted more than I knit.  My Christmas Ornament boxes in the garage have a number of crocheted snowflakes that I made in high school.  (Maybe I will wash, re-starch, and use them this year).  After all this time, I wondered if I would I remember how to crochet?

About 2 months ago, I began picking up crochet magazines and looking at patterns and reading articles.  To be honest, I have crocheted a bit over the last few years and found my stitches were really tight and my hands hurt.  My oldest daughter is at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff (where it snows and is very cold) and during her first couple of years at college I knit several headbands with crocheted flowers.  The headbands knit quickly, but I stopped making so many because I didn’t like crocheting the flowers.  Maybe I wasn’t ready at that time to try crocheting again – and I know I didn’t use the right size hook.   Below is a not so great photo from one of the headbands.  It is based on the Whitney Headband you can find here.  These make quick gifts and are perfect for our So. California winters.

Easy Knit Headband with Crocheted Flower

Easy Knit Headband with Crocheted Flower

The Convergence Top on the cover of Interweave Crocheting really interested me.  Who knows if I will ever crochet it, but I love the colors and Taiyo Sock is one of my favorite summer yarns.

Convergence Top on the Cover of Interweave Crochet - Spring 2014

Convergence Top on the Cover of Interweave Crochet – Spring 2014 (photo from Interweave)

The above Tee seemed like a pretty aggressive project to do when I wasn’t sure of my crochet skills.  So I took up a hook (this time the right size) and before I knew it a Crochet Owl Hat in pink and brown Cascade 220 Superwash was ready.  My gauge was a bit off and the 6 – 12 month size is closer to a 3 month size.  Cute but pretty small.  Last night at Knit Night, a cute 3-month old baby girl showed up – I sent her home with the hat.

I am almost finished with a slightly bigger hat in the same colors and have a feeling there may be more of these in my future (only took a couple of hours to finish an infant size).  I love finding quick, fairly mindless projects that make great gifts.  If you are in the Pasadena Area, head over to Abuelita’s and pick up the yarn on sale (20% off sale ends Sunday).  Knit a few of the Crochet Owl Hat as it comes in sizes Newborn to Adult.

Thanks to Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me for offering this free wonderful pattern.  And don’t forget holidays are around the corner and it seems everyone is having babies.  What about an owl hat for everyone to use in a Christmas Photo? – quicker than sweaters.

So, try something new this summer.

I started a blog and renewed my interest in crocheting.  Let me know what you are doing!

Photo from Repeat Crafter Me

Photo from Repeat Crafter Me

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