Finishing Friday – Seattle VKL Art Yarns Scarf

Vogue Knitting Live – Seattle 2013 Art Yarns Scarf

Finishing up Another WIP - Art Yarns Chevron Scarf

Finishing up Another WIP – Art Yarns Chevron Scarf

Every year I attend Continuing Professional Education for my regular job and sometimes I travel out-of-town to learn new things, refine skills I currently have, and network with people.  Last year I was thrilled to learned that my training would take place in Seattle.  The Best Man at our wedding lives in Seattle and my husband and I don’t see him often.  My excitement grew when I discovered Vogue Knitting Live was going to be in Seattle the weekend before my conference.  Travel, friends, and knitting who could ask for more.

The Best Man’s apartment was only a few blocks from the VKL conference so I mapped out my knitting classes, gave myself time to wander around the Marketplace (yarn, yarn, patterns, demonstrations…), and planned time to spend with our friend.  He likes being active (as do I) so I figured we could hike, walking around Seattle, or do most anything – I was really flexible.

Then…..  the Best Man ended up going out-of-town the weekend I was going to be visiting.  Of course I was sad that we couldn’t hang together… but I picked up my VKL brochure and booked a couple more classes.  Generous as always, the Best Man offered to let me use his apartment and we were able to meet for lunch after my flight landed.  I wish we had more time together, but it was fun seeing him.

The VKL classes were amazing and the marketplace was fun.  I picked  up a bit of yarn and a couple of kits.  One kit is for an amazing jacket and sometime I will write about it (once I start knitting).  The other kit was for an Art Yarn Chevron Scarf in Wildflower. A bit more bling than I usually go for, but the more I knit it the more I love it.  As mentioned in a previous post, I am trying to work on my WIPs so this scarf (started in April 2013) should be finished soon.

This week I completed the champagne color so only have the second section colored stripes and they should go quickly.  The yarn is amazingly soft and soooo pretty.

Two Plies Separating

Two Plies Separating

One little annoyance occurred as I knit – the two plies separated and eventually a “blob” developed.  I moved the “blob” down as I knit for as long as I could without tangling the yarn.  While not a yarn expert, I think the cashmere strand stretched a bit more than the silk.  After a while I got to the point where, I cut the yarn to get rid of the extra length of the ply.  It worked, and just means that I have more ends to weave.  Since I like the finishing process, I don’t mind.  Can’t wait to finish the scarf – hopefully this weekend.  Then I will be ready when the weather to turns cooler.

Do you think I could wear this scarf with my red coat?  I always debate about red and pink. Since the coat is not orange-red, I think it might look great.  I’ll post a photo when my scarf is really finished.

And if you are around Pasadena in April 2015, plan to attend Vogue Knitting Live.

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  1. Joanna says:

    So very interesting. Such expensive yarn! Would it be hard for someone like me to work with…
    I the pattern to hard for me?

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