August Helpful Hint: Embroidery

A little Helpful Hint I wrote for the Abuelita’s Knitting and Needlepoint August Newsletter.

Make a knit all your own.......add some embroidery to a simple pattern

Make a knit all your own…….add some embroidery to a simple pattern

The above cardigan is Little Kina, an (American Girl) doll sized version of Kina – by Muriela. Kina is a simple top down cardigan pattern and is available in baby, child, and adult sizes. The doll pattern is free on Ravelry and wouldn’t it be fun to knit a child sized version and then a matching one for her doll.  (Yes, Muriela’s website is in French, but no worries, the patterns on Ravelry are also in English).

I knit this cute little cardigan knit out of MilaMia Naturally Soft Merino, in Forget-me-not. The knitting finished it quickly, but it looked a bit bland to me. So I added a few embroidered flowers. I chose a contrasting color with the same tones as the yarn and some simple stitches.

Don’t know how to embroider? No problem, there are plenty of instructions on YouTube and many beginner books.  One suggestion is Sublime Stitching by Jenny Heart which is a detailed book with good illustrations.

While embroidering on this cardigan I didn’t use a hoop, and I made the stitches fairly loose – tight ones would pucker the knitting.  I also blocked the cardigan prior to the stitching to even things out.

This small amount of color made the sweater special. Stop by the Abuelita’s if you are in the Pasadena area and take a look at the sample I made.  And I couldn’t help myself – I had to pick up more yarn and begin to knit a matching sweater for a little girl.

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