Not a Monogamous Knitter

A Summer to Finish Up

My husband will tell you I am a great starter…  Which I admit…  but I like to finish things as well.  This summer is a time of finishing up:  finish high school (does it count as my 4th time – once for me and three times for the kids?), finish the time where Craig and I have a child at home full-time, and ………finish a few “works in process.”

11 Works in Process

11 Works in Process

Honest, I like being a bit of an ADD knitter.  A project interests me and I start, then something changes and I start something else.  I need a difficult lace project for when I want to lose myself in the knitting, and a new design when I want to be creative, and several simple projects to knit while reading, in the car (not driving), and watching

My Ravelry Project page looks like I have 16 works in process (you don’t see everything in the screenshot above).  The first 5 projects are 100% complete but not photographed – I don’t mark my projects finished until they are photographed – so there are actually only 11 wip projects.

In the screen shot above you can see that my Arrowhead Shawl by Steven West is 100% complete.  Technically that is true, but when I blocked it I found a dropped stitch so I need to fix this – first I need to find the yarn or just tack it in with something close enough.  I have had this on my Task List in my Outlook Exchange for a long time.  The other 100% complete projects are really 100% complete.

I don’t mind having several projects going at once.  For the most part I do finish things.  My Ravelry Project page currently has 179 projects – 11 are wips, 9 are zzzz (meaning I probably won’t finish them, 15 are frogged (meaning I started them but didn’t like the project), and 4 are just notes.  So if I did the math correctly I have finished 140 projects.  Not bad and there are a few charity projects that aren’t listed.

I tell people I am more of a “process” knitter than a “project” knitter.  But when my friend Robin mentioned how many projects I had in process , I took an honest look and decided to try to clean up my list.  I frogged a few projects so as of tonight I have 11 projects that I am pretty sure I will complete.  This weekend I plan to photograph the 5 completed projects, mark them “finished” in Ravelry and so expect a few posts in the next few days.

Except for one project – an overdue gift.  I think it is only fair that the recipient should see if first.  It is so beautiful I wanted to cry… You will have to be patient.

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