Location, location, location

Not a bad place to knit.

Testing my Drunkard's Path Headband Pattern

Testing my Drunkard’s Path Headband Pattern

With her full-time internship and her part-time paying job, my daughter Lisa has so little free time.  Saturday was her last day off for the entire month of June and since I love to watch her surf the two of us headed to San Onofre.  The day was sunny and warm – (June is frequently cool and overcast.  We call it June Gloom).

We set up chairs on the beach and Lisa watched the waves a while before heading out.  I worked on another Drunkard’s Path Headband.  Pattern writing is fairly new to me, and I find that knitting the pattern a few times helps me.  I imagine myself a fairly new knitter and ask what would I want to know – what works and what doesn’t.  This time the headband knit up fine.  I made one small change from the original.  Touching up the charts shouldn’t take much time, and soon I can post the headband pattern to Ravelry – I will let you know when it is available.  Doesn’t the light yellow yarn look yummy next to the bright colors in the picture.

While taking pictures of the yarn and the ocean, I noticed an empty chair on the beach and the delightful stripe sequence….  I am feeling inspired…

Maybe a Stripped Pattern in my Future...

Maybe a Stripped Pattern in my Future…


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  1. Joanna says:

    Glad you had such a fun day. We are back in NC now. Found one knit shop. Haven’t been there yet. They have a dye class though… Maybe???

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