Family Stories and Myths

We all have Family Tales – some true and some just stories.  When my Mother passed away, I took home her  “African Plant”.  The tale was that Grandmother brought back a cutting from Africa and propagated the plant.  My Mom loved the beautiful flowers from the scraggly (ugly) cactus-like plant. (My wonderful husband HATES the plant because it once reached out and ripped his legs with its spines… but that is another story).  The “African Plant” was banished to above the garage outside the door of my studio where I sorely neglect it.  But, most years it still blooms.

Epiphyllum are not from Africa!

Epiphyllum are not from Africa!

It ends up the family tale is not true, at least the part about Africa.  The plant is called Epiphyllum and is from South America not Africa.  Maybe I remember the story wrong?  Maybe the plant was from Mom’s friend Effie who was from South America?  Or maybe Mom remembered it wrong?  Who knows – what difference does it really make?  I still smile and remember how much my Mom loved the flower and chuckle a bit thinking about how much my husband dislikes it.

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3 Responses to Family Stories and Myths

  1. Joanna McClees says:

    I just love all plants. And, I love your mother for teaching you how to knit. Sorry for your hubby’s mishap😊

  2. CraigS says:

    Joanna … wait ’til you see the plant. This scraggly, arthritic succulent will challenge the hearts of even the most admiring botanist (of course, KathiS posts a picture of its lovely flower … the only redeeming virtue of this otherwise obnoxious weed) —
    — KathiS’s hubby

  3. Charlotte says:

    The true story here. I know because it was my daughter who gave the cutting to our mother. Becky got it from a craft type fair held at our church. I don’t remember what the gift was for–Christmas, birthday, etc., but the original story that it came from South Africa came from the person Becky bought it from. She may have been mistaken or Becky could have misunderstood. Becky was still in grade school at the time, probably around 3rd or 4th grade. All Becky knew was that Grammy liked weird plants and this one did look weird. It started out about 6 or 8 inches tall in a small pot and has now grown considerably.

    (Kathi’s sister and keeper of the truth as well as way too many knitting needles)

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